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  • Of Silver Hair and Elflings, by fan81981
    We all know that Thranduil has a fondness for jewels. Ever wondered how that all started? You see it's all Celeborn's fault…Genre: General. Period: First Age. Updated: 22/07/2005.
  • Wonder, by Karri
    Thranduil's mother contemplates her son. Young Thranduil experiences one of Arda's greatest wonders.Genre: General. Period: First Age. Updated: 22/07/2005.
  • Last Elf Standing, The, by Suzene Campos
    Thranduil and Elrond had a definite difference of opinion at the close of The Last Alliance. Things haven't gotten any better with time.Genre: Humour. Period: Multi-Age/Unclassifiable!. Updated: 20/07/2005.
  • From the Songs of the Greenwood, by Soledad
    Open-ended collection of lyrics on life and death among the Wood-elves.Genre: Poetry. Period: Multi-Age/Unclassifiable!. Updated: 20/07/2005.
  • Star and Elf, by Chathol-linn
    A poem of Greenwood the Great.Genre: Poetry. Period: Multi-Age/Unclassifiable!. Updated: 22/07/2005.
  • Always Breathing, by Zelda
    What can Legolas learn about partings when Thranduil must leave to aid in the defence of Middle-earth? What can Thranduil learn from Legolas when he returns from his Quest with the Fellowship? It is a story of parallels in two parts.Genre: General. Period: Multi-Age/Unclassifiable!. Updated: 01/01/2005.
  • Thranduil: Owner's Guide and Maintenance Manual, by Allocin
    Thinking of purchasing a THRANDUIL for help around the home? Here's all you need to know to keep your wood-elf serviced and servicable.Genre: Humour. Period: Multi-Age/Unclassifiable!. Updated: 22/07/2005.
  • Legolas: The Owner's Guide and Maintenance Manual, by Theresa Green
    At last! The definitive User Guide to everyone's favourite wood-elf. Warning: Relentless innuendo.Genre: Humour. Period: Multi-Age/Unclassifiable!. Updated: 20/07/2005.
  • Narn e-mbar Lasgalen, by erunyauve
    (Tale of the House of Lasgalen) No kingdom of men or elves lasted longer than the rule of Oropher and Thranduil. From Doriath to the Third Age, this is their story.Genre: Drama. Period: Multi-Age/Unclassifiable!. Updated: 20/07/2005.
  • Dissection of the Common Wood-elf, Telerius Galadh, by bryn
    Observation and Dissection of the Common Wood-Elf (Telerius galadh). Why do Elves glow? How does an Elf walk on snow? Methods of reproduction? It's Legolas as you've never seen him before.Genre: Humour. Period: Multi-Age/Unclassifiable!. Updated: 19/07/2005.
  • Thranduil: Reflections of the Past, by nerys
    The first (chronologically) of my Thranduil series. His reflections on his father's death, his wife's departure to the West, and the youth of his son.Genre: General. Period: Multi-Age/Unclassifiable!. Updated: 22/07/2005.
  • Shadow Within, The, by Arandil
    Thranduil receives a disturbing letter from an unlikely source. What possible cause could the King of the Green Wood have to travel at a moment's notice to Ithilien to visit with his son? Written for the HASA Thranduil's Letter Challenge. Genre: General. Period: Post-War/Fourth Age. Updated: 19/11/2005.
  • Wine, Women, Song... and Gimli, by Suzene Campos
    Legolas brings Gimli home to meet his family. Neither the Dwarf nor Mirkwood's king are exactly pleased about it.Genre: Humour. Period: Post-War/Fourth Age. Updated: 22/07/2005.
  • Di-Iphant Doron, by PuterPatty
    The trees of Eryn Lasgalen wait in anticipation for the return of Prince Legolas from the Quest. "They would indulge this one, knowing they would soon be witness to a joyous reunion beneath their boughs."Genre: Romance. Period: Post-War/Fourth Age. Updated: 19/07/2005.
  • Travel as the Sun, by mirwalker
    Legolas and Gimli return from the Ring War. Gimli gains insights on his archer friend's history; Legolas struggles with his father and his future. (Extra-canonical pairing - M/M.)Genre: Romance. Period: Post-War/Fourth Age. Updated: 22/07/2005.

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