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  • Notes from the Field
    Alas, there are no fairy tale endings in Nature… Tolkien never wrote of Thranduil's fate. Unfortunately, the task falls to bumbling researchers of the SRDM. Of hair braiding, migratory patterns, and a plea to Save the Common Wood-Elf.Genre: Humour. Period: Post-War/Fourth Age. Updated: 21/07/2005.
  • Dissection of the Common Wood-elf, Telerius Galadh
    Observation and Dissection of the Common Wood-Elf (Telerius galadh). Why do Elves glow? How does an Elf walk on snow? Methods of reproduction? It's Legolas as you've never seen him before.Genre: Humour. Period: Multi-Age/Unclassifiable!. Updated: 19/07/2005.