The Trees Remember: The Mirkwood Fanfiction Archive


The Trees Remember is a Tolkien fanfiction archive focused on the history of Mirkwood. Once renowned as Greenwood the Great, now troubled in these darker times, Mirkwood is yet home to the last and most enduring Elven kingdom of Middle-earth. We chronicle its great king, Thranduil; its fair prince, Legolas; and many other worthies of the Elf, Human, Hobbit and Dwarf-kindreds.

This archive contains fiction of all genres, with content up to the equivalent of a PG-13 (12A) 'rating'.

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Random story

Strength of One Green Leaf, The, by Kasmi Kassim
Thranduil asks Gandalf to help make Legolas the happy child he was before his mother's death. But fighting for life and faced with demons of his own, the king must rely on the strength of his Greenleaf to come out of this battle alive.Genre: General. Period: Third Age: Rise of Shadow. Updated: 22/07/2005.
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