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Stories in the Archive

  • Shadow
    TA 1050 - An evil grows within the confines of Lasgalen, threatening to sweep Middle-Earth with its hatred and dominance. A young Legolas is drawn into the frantic battle to save his beloved homeland from destruction.Genre: Drama. Period: Third Age: Rise of Shadow. Updated: 22/07/2005.
  • Greenleaf
    Thranduil returns from the war to an empty throne, his army annihilated, his father slain. His queen watches on, trying to beat away the darkness that surrounds him, and hope is finally rekindled with the coming of spring…Genre: Romance. Period: Third Age: Before Shadow. Updated: 20/07/2005.
  • Blood Brothers
    Legolas reaches his 9th birthday, and gets a personal servant. Mayhem, chaos and adventure ensue…Genre: General. Period: Third Age: Before Shadow. Updated: 01/01/2005.