The Trees Remember: The Mirkwood Fanfiction Archive


  • Window of Water, A, by Wild Iris
    Legolas, on the cusp of manhood, encounters a certain River-daughter while hiking by the Anduin. (Extra-canonical pairing - M/F.)Genre: Romance. Period: Third Age: Before Shadow. Updated: 22/07/2005.
  • Travel as the Sun, by mirwalker
    Legolas and Gimli return from the Ring War. Gimli gains insights on his archer friend's history; Legolas struggles with his father and his future. (Extra-canonical pairing - M/M.)Genre: Romance. Period: Post-War/Fourth Age. Updated: 22/07/2005.
  • Moriquendi, by fan81981
    Set after the Return of the King. Mirkwood is under threat and an alliance is needed for its survival. Will Legolas be able to make the needed sacrifice?Genre: Romance. Period: Post-War/Fourth Age. Updated: 20/07/2005.
  • Greenleaf, by fael bain
    Thranduil returns from the war to an empty throne, his army annihilated, his father slain. His queen watches on, trying to beat away the darkness that surrounds him, and hope is finally rekindled with the coming of spring…Genre: Romance. Period: Third Age: Before Shadow. Updated: 20/07/2005.
  • Joinings, by daw the minstrel
    Legolas's first kiss and his oldest brother's wedding.Genre: Romance. Period: Third Age: Rise of Shadow. Updated: 20/07/2005.
  • Di-Iphant Doron, by PuterPatty
    The trees of Eryn Lasgalen wait in anticipation for the return of Prince Legolas from the Quest. "They would indulge this one, knowing they would soon be witness to a joyous reunion beneath their boughs."Genre: Romance. Period: Post-War/Fourth Age. Updated: 19/07/2005.
  • Astonishment in Mirkwood, by Soledad
    Sequel to "Little Bird", with less anguish and a very silly working title. The adventures of Thorin & Co. in Mirkwood - as Legolas might have seen it.Genre: Romance. Period: Third Age: The Hobbit to the War of the Ring. Updated: 01/01/2005.

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