The Trees Remember: The Mirkwood Fanfiction Archive


Here are linked sites with which TTR has banded in mutual support, as sharing some of the same purposes.

Current Affiliates

  • Parma Eruseen: Tolkien Fanfiction Archive
  • Wanting More: Legolas Fanfiction Fanlisting
  • Anti Evil Thranduil Campaign
  • Mithril Awards for Tolkien Fanfiction
  • Middle-earth Fanfiction Awards
  • Hidden Whispers: Haldir/Craig Parker Fanfiction
  • Feed You With a Kiss: Merry/Pippin Romance Fiction
  • King of Mirkwood: Thranduil Fanlisting
  • LotR Fanclub Scrapbook
  • Elves of Rivendell fanlisting
  • Elves fanlisting
  • Fair of Face