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  • Window of Water, A
    Legolas, on the cusp of manhood, encounters a certain River-daughter while hiking by the Anduin. (Extra-canonical pairing - M/F.)Genre: Romance. Period: Third Age: Before Shadow. Updated: 22/07/2005.
  • Keystone
    Between chaotic building works, Dwarves and resurgent Shadow, it's not King Thranduil's ideal Yuletide holiday. But yet...Genre: General. Period: Third Age: Rise of Shadow. Updated: 20/07/2005.
  • Emblem You Chose, The
    The Hobbit-based short. Thranduil, the Elvenking of Mirkwood, pays his respects at the tomb of Thorin Oakenshield.Genre: General. Period: Third Age: The Hobbit to the War of the Ring. Updated: 19/07/2005.