The Trees Remember: The Mirkwood Fanfiction Archive



Stories in the Archive

  • From the Songs of the Greenwood
    Open-ended collection of lyrics on life and death among the Wood-elves.Genre: Poetry. Period: Multi-Age/Unclassifiable!. Updated: 20/07/2005.
  • Of Elflings and Mice
    Second Age story, in which a young elfling named Legolas learns a lesson.Genre: General. Period: Second Age. Updated: 19/07/2005.
  • Astonishment in Mirkwood
    Sequel to "Little Bird", with less anguish and a very silly working title. The adventures of Thorin & Co. in Mirkwood - as Legolas might have seen it.Genre: Romance. Period: Third Age: The Hobbit to the War of the Ring. Updated: 01/01/2005.
  • Little Bird
    Life in Mirkwood is not always easy. Not even for the royal family. Pre-LOTR story, about King Thranduil.Genre: Drama. Period: Third Age: Rise of Shadow. Updated: 01/01/2005.
  • All Alone in the Night
    Short moments during and after the Battle upon Dagorlad and some insight into Haldir's family background.Genre: Drama. Period: Second Age. Updated: 01/01/2005.